5 Essential Things (fall edition)

Starbucks’ Grande Triple Mocha Frappuccino: $5.45

This refreshing, chocolatey (kind of) new entry to Starbucks’ permanent menu is a must-try this fall, even for people who don’t usually enjoy Frappuccinos. The difference between this blended ice coffee and the original Mocha is the addition of Starbucks’ new “cold brew” whipped cream, which makes the coffee creamier and richer. Frappuccinos have a reputation for being overly sweet, but this blended drink is just right. The Triple Mocha’s caffeinated kick doesn’t hit as strong as the original Mocha, so it’s the perfect drink for staying alert

Here Lies Daniel Tate: $17.99

Ten-year-old Daniel Tate goes missing from one of California’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Six years later, he’s found on the Canadian border in a traumatized state. Tate is brought home and slowly adjusts to his new life after being assumed dead. Then it’s happily ever after…except it isn’t Daniel Tate. Terrill ditches the conventional use of chapters to divide the book; as a result, the 400-page book flows from the beginning to the end without pause and is near IMPOSSIBLE to put down. Terrill’s masterpiece blurs the lines between truth and lies, and good and evil. Cristin Terrill’s Here Lies Daniel Tate will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Warning: Don’t trust everything. Read beyond the lines.

Sour Patch Kids Extreme Sour Soft and Chewy Candy: $2.79

Just when you thought Halloween was over…sike! More candy! The only thing is, these are really sour. Can you handle that? Put yourself to the test by popping one of these little gummies into your mouth. These Sour Patch Kids are perfect for those days when you feel your eyelids drooping in class…you’ll snap back in an instant.

Pembrook’s Hospital Socks: $10.95

Have you ever wanted to wear a wool coat on an outing or snuggle under heaps of blankets during the cold months only to realize you live in Hawaii? If so, these are the perfect socks for you. Okay, I know the word “hospital” in the product name may be slightly off-putting, but these aren’t hospital-exclusive. Fuzzy and comfortable? Check. Plain and simple design? Check. But wait, there’s more. These socks come with rubber grips on the bottom to prevent you from slip- ping and falling. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lock myself indoors and watch some Christmas classics

Fuzzy iPhone case: $1.99

Fuzzy iPhone case. Need I say more? One can never have too many phone cases. If you’re looking for a way to be boujee* without breaking the bank, this is a great option. Although this phone case is slightly reminiscent of carpet samples, it does a good job of keeping your hands warm.

*luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character

By Deborah Yuan / Co-Editor in Chief Things

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