Voices of change: an infographic

by Eui Jin Song Every year, public school students from grade 3-12 in Hawaii take the Panorama Student Survey, which gathers student perception data about teaching, learning, and school climate. The survey asks students to rate their school on categories like classroom engagement, classroom climate, and teacher-student relationships. It is used by educators to analyze… Read More Voices of change: an infographic

Kaiser’s Campus…5,000 Years Ago

The bell rings, the passing period starts, and it’s time for you to get to your next class. As you walk on the sidewalk, you look around, probably not thinking twice about Kaiser’s campus–and yet, two millennia ago, an extremely biodiverse dryland forest flourished here. Once prominent at low elevations, Hawaii’s dryland forests would have… Read More Kaiser’s Campus…5,000 Years Ago

NEW FACES | Kaiser Welcomes New Family Members

Kaiser High School welcomes new teachers and faculty members every year. Here is a look at those joining the Kaiser family for the 2018-2019 school year. Michael Viernes Former marketing analyst and high school teacher in a variety of courses, Michael Viernes is Kaiser’s new vice principal, overseeing the freshman class and a portion of… Read More NEW FACES | Kaiser Welcomes New Family Members